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I'm a registered cosmetic nurse and the founder of Refined Skin & Cosmetics. I’m also a registered nurse and midwife. I’ve been delivering babies and managing teams of nurses and midwives at one of Melbourne’s best tertiary hospitals for over 14 years.

I’m a dedicated mum to three gorgeous angels/devils (depending on the time of day!)

I decided to set up my own business in cosmetic nursing to help boost the confidence of women and men around Victoria, and show that you can achieve natural, refined results with cosmetic treatments without drastically changing your appearance.

I am passionate about quality customer service and getting the best possible results. I love helping people achieve glowing, healthier and younger looking skin. I also offer a beautiful range of skin care.


Never tried our treatments before? Don’t worry!

I’m here to answer all your questions.

Cosmetic Nurse & Beauty Therapist

Katherine has over two decades of experience in health and beauty, having worked as a dental nurse for 13 years before completing a Diploma of Beauty Therapy in 2016.


Since then, Katherine has worked both as a dermal and laser technician for Australian Skin Clinics and within the dental industry. It wasn’t long before Katherine decided she had more to give and completed a Bachelor of Nursing with Distinction, allowing her to bring together her interests of health, beauty and aesthetics by becoming an accredited Cosmetic Injector.


After experiencing both adolescent and adult acne, she understands how important skin can be for your confidence and wellbeing and is passionate about achieving great results and helping you feel your best.


Katherine has developed a keen eye for symmetry and aesthetics and is looking forward to working with clients to achieve their skin goals!


Here’s what you need to know about Katherine:


  • She’s a mum of two gorgeous kids who mean the world to her

  • She loves nature, music and spending time with her family and friends

  • She has always been a skincare enthusiast 

  • Working as a dental nurse, she found she could build a great rapport with people and could help ease patients’ minds during what can be a stressful and scary appointment (a quality you want your injector to have if you’re a little nervous about needles)

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