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At Refined Skin & Aesthetics, cosmeceutical-grade high quality skincare products are used ensure you will experience improvements in the condition of your skin.


From a more pampering-style facial through to the professional-grade, results-driven cosmetic peel treatments, your prescribed treatment plan will leave you with a glow and depending on the skin concerns we are addressing - you will notice improved hyperpigmentation, reduced acne and congestion, smoother skin texture, increased collagen production and anti-ageing benefits.

Professional Facial


It is with great excitement that we are now offering new services with the Venus Viva™ for skin tightening and skin resurfacing treatments. 


Our device is powered by advanced radio frequency technology to safely correct signs of skin damage, which improves the appearance of scars, visible pores, deep wrinkles, stretch marks, and uneven skin texture. Its unique customisable settings allow us to treat all skin types and personalise the treatment to your concerns.



Our skin tightening treatments use heat to naturally boost collagen production below the surface, which improves the appearance of sagging skin on the face, décolleté and arms. It helps to restore a more rejuvenated, youthful-looking appearance.

If you are seeking a safe, effected medical aesthetic treatments with minimal to no downtime, the Venus Viva™ might be right for you.

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